Premiere: RAT BOY – ‘Fake ID’ (Zibra Remix)


Set to kick off a full UK headline tour later this week, RAT BOY has handed his stand out cut ‘Fake ID’ to support group Zibra.

Check out the results Here.

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Band of the Week: ZIBRA

Band of the Week: ZIBRA

Who are they?

ZIBRA are a three-piece electronic rock band from London, or at least that’s the best way to summarise their mash up of sounds. The trio consists of vocalist and guitarist Sam Battle, bassist Ben Everest and synth player Russ Harley.

How did they meet?

The band was formed in late 2013 when Sam started putting short demos up online and met Russ through a friend. Having known Ben for a few years, Sam then asked him to be the bassist. Living in a squat allowed for Sam to be really creative and noisy, which suited his tendencies to disassemble and reconstruct old pieces of electronics into new instruments.

Who are they influenced by?

Now, I’m no expert when it comes to 80’s bands but ZIBRA definitely have an 80’s pop vibe, and new-wave bands such as The Human League instantly come to mind. Sam also grew up listening to the likes of Elvis Costello and Michael Jackson.

Which tracks should I be listening to?

ZIBRA’s tracks are incredibly catchy with high power dance beats and glitchy effects that match their VHS aesthetic, “Paris” has an instantly memorable hook with the perfect mix of synths and guitars whilst “Flats in Dagenham” showcases the mundane parts of life that they draw inspiration for their lyrics from. Sam also has a great sounding voice to listen to (which is always a plus, right?)

What hole can I pigeon them into?

Add to the same playlist as Years and Years, Saint Raymond and the more urban Ratboy!

Where can I see them?

The band are currently working on their album which hopefully means they’ll be touring very soon! Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date @ZIBRAZIBRAZIBRA. They also have some brilliantly trippy videos to match their synth-based vocals so check them out on Youtube too.

Where can I listen to them?

Try Spotify or Youtube!

How does the future look?

With a tour next month and an album hopefully on the horizon, ZIBRA are definitely on to something good, watch this space!

Read the full interview Here.

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Zibra Interview

I spoke to Zibra about their time on the road. Read on to find out how much they like Wetherspoons.

1) What is your favourite food to have whilst on tour?

Wetherspoons is the food place of choice but people always have to think they are above that in the band sometime and just make it hard for us all! and we can be roaming around for days disagreeing and then end up back in Wetherspoons!

2) Are there any bad experiences that you have had on tour?

No not really, our tours have been pretty smooth running. I mean when we get drunk and there is people coming back to ours and the hotel room gets all messy, I mean we just are dedicated to cleaning in the morning. One time I spent an hour getting paint out of a carpet floor. Anything is better than getting fines in hotel rooms, they really put a downer on your week, when you can’t afford Wetherspoons.

 3) Where is the best venue you have played?

They are all great! playing KOKO with St Raymond was nuts, purely because its so many people in a compact view. It was nuts. Glastonbury was magical, all of them are good. Manchester is nice too.

 4) Where is the furthest you have travelled to play?

Ireland, basically. I mean we went to LA, and i did a little show to passers by on a toy keyboard on sunset strip… but was that an official gig? I don’t know.

5) Who has been your favourite act that you have shared a bill with?

They are all great and friendly. There’s been loads, the Rat Boy guys are nuts, that was a nuts tour. Sunset Sons and Vitamin are nice guys too. never been on tour with dicks surprisingly! The truth is no one is a dick when you get down to it.

You can watch Zibra’s latest video, Eclipse, below:

Original review Here.

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Having postponed their headline tour to record some brand new tracks we managed to catch up with ZIBRA.  A three-piece electro-pop band from Tottenham are all about synth in a big way.  Having supported Bring Me The Horizon during BRITs Week at London’s Electric Brixton, ZIBRA are currently making a splash in multiple music scenes!  Be sure to catch them at one of the many festivals they are playing this summer!

Firstly, how did you come up Zibra?

It started with me making demos in my bedroom and then I met russ through a friend who checked out my music, and got ben in a bit later cus we needed a bassist. The name came from a guy we used to jam with who said what about zybrah or something which sounded a bit world of war craft account but the kind of sound sort of stuck. Sounds like an American saying zebra in a way which is sorta funny to us isn’t it.

Is there any meaning for naming your EPs EP1000, EP2000 etc?

Kinda. Just the whole message surrounding such a fast moving world of technology. It makes things obsolete very quickly. I liked Japanese electronic names they are always stupid like pz3430 I mean silly right? But next year the pz3430X comes out or something rendering the old one useless and just scrap heap fodder you know?

Have you always been into electric music? What inspired you to create such fresh music?

Most of the time yes. Initially overtaken by guitars nirvana and blur time in the back of my dads car. Even a Metallica phase… But discovering the electronic world half way through made me come in with a slightly different mentality I think.

When can we expect a debut album from you?

Yeah definitely! If not then there has to be something up. It’s all pretty much there.

Are you planning to continue your own headline tour anytime soon?

Yes as soon as we possibly can. It’s proper annoying but there are forces. God damn forces.

What’s been your favourite song to play live so far?

Sunscreen. Dunno why. Just the most shouty and all out. Tend to like the quicker ones, get more jiggy with it.

How does it feel to be getting massive support from bigger bands such as Sunset Sons?

Great! Meeting people is good to. After about the 3 day mark of a tour you start becoming proper friendly, tour is like tinder but for band friends.

Are you excited to be playing festivals this year such as Kendal Calling and Secret garden party?

Yes all of it gunna be great. Can’t wait to get out in the sun and play some songs basically.

What’s your favourite aspect of the festival season?

Can’t think of a bad point? Except the fact it’s too hot to wear jackets! I like wearing jackets. So favourite is probably just the fact you can just rock up to anyone’s tent and say hey.

Do you have any quirky pre-show rituals?

In the van I have to basically scream. I’m too lazy to warm up so I kinda just shout in the van into my coat until it sounds right, pretty annoying for everyone else. Our drummer has to cry and ben has to recite the Indiana Jones theme tune. So nothing uncommon right?

Who’s given you the best advice in the industry, and what did they say to you?

Someone said go with your gut, you have to call the shots about a creative choice. What’s the point in doing it if it ain’t you.

Where would you most like to play in the future? Why?

I really really really really really really really want to set up a night in a pub down my road called the palm tree. Just jam out, take some synths and invite everyone.

What music are you guys are listening to the most at the moment?

Just running through trying to find new stuff along with some sleigh bells and Oscar. Listened to some Metallica ride the lightning yesterday too. Was a blast.

Can you remember who the first band you ever saw live was?

The not Katie’s well technically they headlined and I think the first group on was called aaah can’t remember.

What do you guys like to do in your free time when you’re not touring or recording?

Just making things. Love just making stuff. Synths or sculptures. Whatever. Just find a load of stuff people have chucked out and make stuff out of it all.

And lastly, what’s your favourite track from 2016 so far?

Oscar sometimes is sick. Nice video too!

Read the original review Here.

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Live: The Brits: Bring me the horizon – Electric Brixton

New review by Discovered Magazine.

Opening up the show, indie newcomer’s ZIBRA (8) bring on the funk with their single ‘Wasted days’ that gets the early crowd shimmying from side to side. With a sound almost familiar to other artists such as the 1975 with a hint of synth elector pop, the band put in all their best efforts to get the crowd moving and successfully do so. From the way Zibra carry themselves on stage, with honest and hilarious comments from the vocalist (“ Please buy our single because why the fuck not?”) alongside having a quick chat with fans in the audience, it’s understandable how the three piece are able to gain popularity so quickly. Now what’s even more impressive, is the band not only creating their own instruments, they also have performed their head bobbing anthem ‘Paris’during catwalks in the city itself. Winning the tough audience over (because let’s face it, most of us were here in hopes BMTH would play their heavier stuff), the entire now packed venue have their hands  raised clapping in sync as the band finish on the catchy‘Girl’s like you.’  With such a quirky, truthful and darn right memorable performance, Zibra are definitely going to make 2016 their year.

Read the full review Here.

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Ten question interview: ZIBRA

New interview with Hype Player.

We spoke London-based synth hit-makers ZIBRA about having their music featured on FIFA 16, their festival plans this summer and their massive synth collection.

For anybody that isn’t aware of ZIBRA, sum up your sound.

Synth nasties all over the band in your garage.

A lot of people we show your music to feel like they know it, but they’re not too sure how they know it. Do you find that too?

Yeah, i mean we get quite a bit of play on like TV and stuff. People are always like, “WHAT, YOU’RE ON TRISHA?” or something, its pretty surreal. I mean for all I know they could be lying because the only times I hear us on a TV is when i go to my parents and it turns up during Hollyoaks. Still, it’s pretty nuts!

You’re keeping good company with Beck, Disclosure and Foals with your song Goodbye Mondays appearing on this year’s FIFA. How did that come about?

Pure luck i guess, we got put forward for it and they chose us. Absolutely amazing opportunity, so many people come up singing Goodbye Mondays to me, its like one of the load up songs or something, right? I’m in awe with how many people have probably heard Goodbye Mondays, and we didn’t even release it!

Whilst on the subject of football. You’ve got to settle a £5.00 bet with me and my colleague. I say that ZIBRA has to be a play on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, my colleague says I’m reading too much into it. Who’s right?

I wish you were right, that sounds like a much better reason than the actual reason! Basically, it was our old drummer who was just like, “What about ZEBRA?” but we thought it would be funnier to name it how Americans say it, so there we go. ZIBRA!

You’ve just announced you’ll be at performing Kendal Calling this year, it’s looking like one of the best line-ups this year. Have you got any other big shows coming up in summer?

Yeah, yeah. We have a fair few in the pipeline! A lot of sunny and muddy festivals, so keep your eyes peely peeled.

I followed your Dream Festival playlist on Spotify, and before I even clicked on it I knew Kraftwerk would be on there. Partly because I’ve listened to your music, and partly because I’ve seen your synth collection. How many have you got?

Yeah, got a lot of synths! Its just an easy thing to buy late at night. You’re on eBay, you find a broken one or somebody has listed it wrong, like “electronic keyboard” so no one finds it and you’ve got a bargain on your hands. Sam repairs synths for people so we end up with a lot of these things. When i have to move around it ain’t too easy because these things are bulky and heavy, especially KOSMO. KOSMO is my home made modular synth i have been working on for three years, he is getting massive, with an aim for it to be a crazy self thinking conscious being, whether it will get that far is another thing entirely.

Best synth riff ever?

Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation definitely. i know that’s cheap, but I’m always singing that everywhere I go. A lot of the Yellow Magic Orchestra riffs are up there on the ‘too good spectrum’.

Sweet. You’ve released three EPs, EP1000, EP2000 and EP3000. What are we going to be seeing next, EP4000 or your debut album?

Its the album next! We’ve been working on it. Its coming soon, going to be a bit of a step up both in songs and all the good sounds.

We’re running a competition at the moment to find the UK’s best venue. Any suggestions?

There are a lot of amazing venues, i mean the question is cap size! When they get bigger and the crowd are bigger it obviously gets more ‘woah’ but a lot of the smaller ones are awesome. King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow is sick, always look forward to playing there and The Met Lounge in Peterborough has been my other home since I was 13, so that needs a bit of a shout out.

And lastly, give us one track by you guys and one track not by you guys to listen to.

Have a listen to our tune Flats In Dagenham, its about a dream of finally getting a place of your own and being crushed by estate agents when they realise you’re going to be a rowdy occupant. A song not by us has to be Centrefold by TIGERCUB, that song is really really really really sweet.

Read the original review  Here.

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ZIBRA unveil video for “Eclipse”


Indie trio Zibra have unveiled the video for ‘Eclipse’, a track taken from their latest EP 2000.

The subtle and understated video is a far cry from the weird and wonderful scenarios that have appeared in their recent videos for previous singles ‘Wasted Days’ and ‘Paris’.

Zibra kickstarted 2016 by playing alongside Bring Me The Horizon and Sundara Karma at Brixton Electric as part of War Child’s BRITS Week shows in February.

The band will be performing at Kendal Calling on 28-31 July alongside Rudimental, Craig David, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

You can download ‘Eclipse’ and the rest of their EP on iTunes.

Check out the video for ‘Eclipse’ below.

Read the original review from Celeb Mix Here.

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