boohooMAN meet Zibra

Donatella (Versace) is already a fan; they’ve played Glasto and opened for other MAN favourite Years & Years. Catch them on tour this spring and grab the album EP3000. Read what they say about inventions, music and more and check out the video below.

Can you describe your sound for anyone who hasn’t heard you yet?

We’re basically pop put through some meat grinders, with a seasoning of cut-up samples and synths.

How did you guys meet?

We met in London a couple of years ago via mutual friends. I (Sam) have known Ben for a long time -we had been performing together in previous projects, and we met Russ via another friend at a party.

You lived in squats on moving to London, how was that? Did this inspire you to write?

Yeah, well I haven’t gone much up! Property guardianship now, keeping people like me 2/3 years ago out, but If I get a class room that I can ride around in for less than a flat share, I mean to me it seems like a no brainer?

What/Who were your influences growing up?

Funny thing is I went to my grans last weekend and cracked open an old box I had there, and it was full of metal cd’s, obviously a part of my listening childhood I’ve blocked out. I used to be into bands such as Blur and Nirvana, Mix that in with your parents listening to 80’s synth pop and a bit of 90’s dance music and there we have it.

Describe a typical day for you.

I’d wake up and possibly go to the BMX track unless it’s raining. Today I’m going to get out the guitar and have a bash around, plug some synths together and maybe do some soldering of an idea I’ve made up in my head during the night. I’m also gonna write some new lyrics. After all that I’ll go to the pub, then forget my bag in the pub, panic for a second because it’s got my go-pro and notebook in it, so have to go back to the pub to pick it up, but then you get stuck there for another drink obviously. Then make tracks home and cry for a bit. That’s a typical day.

Sam, you make musical equipment from discarded junk; very Iggy Pop! Was he your inspiration? Have you used any of this equipment on the album?

I had no idea that Iggy Pop did that?! I might have to AskJeeves it to confirm! For the album a lot of this stuff has made it in, I mean its inevitable, my laptop isn’t powerful enough to run a load of plugins, so just have to record, cut it up and plop it straight on.

Ha! It’s true! He does! Something to talk about at least if you ever meet?! 

You’ve clearly got an eye for invention… what would you class as the best invention ever made?

I’m working on a rechargeable picture right now….. shhhh. You basically pop it in a camera, it takes the picture, lasts for a few hours and then disappears again, only to be reused. Absolutely no commercial application but hey whatever, I’m happy living rough. Money would just fuel the hoarding process anyways.

What does your writing process consist of?

I tend to make a few loops, work some chord changes in and fancy sounds for an hour, then turn it up, and ride around the room on my bike singing until I get the crux of the song and the meaning, before recording.

What can we expect to hear from the album?

All manner of sounds and progression. It’s all over the place, in the best possible way.

What can we expect to see this year from you guys?

New songs,  an album, more live shows! A bigger synth, and these rechargeable photos in pound shops.

Any style inspirations? Describe your style in 3 words?

Don’t go to the hairdressers. Always try and do it yourself and take that safety pin out of your ear, you’re not in college anymore. Oops that’s more than 3 words. Got a bit carried away.

Thanks guys! We’ll heed your comments on the safety pin! 

Red the full interview Here.

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