Band of the Week: ZIBRA

Band of the Week: ZIBRA

Who are they?

ZIBRA are a three-piece electronic rock band from London, or at least that’s the best way to summarise their mash up of sounds. The trio consists of vocalist and guitarist Sam Battle, bassist Ben Everest and synth player Russ Harley.

How did they meet?

The band was formed in late 2013 when Sam started putting short demos up online and met Russ through a friend. Having known Ben for a few years, Sam then asked him to be the bassist. Living in a squat allowed for Sam to be really creative and noisy, which suited his tendencies to disassemble and reconstruct old pieces of electronics into new instruments.

Who are they influenced by?

Now, I’m no expert when it comes to 80’s bands but ZIBRA definitely have an 80’s pop vibe, and new-wave bands such as The Human League instantly come to mind. Sam also grew up listening to the likes of Elvis Costello and Michael Jackson.

Which tracks should I be listening to?

ZIBRA’s tracks are incredibly catchy with high power dance beats and glitchy effects that match their VHS aesthetic, “Paris” has an instantly memorable hook with the perfect mix of synths and guitars whilst “Flats in Dagenham” showcases the mundane parts of life that they draw inspiration for their lyrics from. Sam also has a great sounding voice to listen to (which is always a plus, right?)

What hole can I pigeon them into?

Add to the same playlist as Years and Years, Saint Raymond and the more urban Ratboy!

Where can I see them?

The band are currently working on their album which hopefully means they’ll be touring very soon! Follow them on Twitter to stay up to date @ZIBRAZIBRAZIBRA. They also have some brilliantly trippy videos to match their synth-based vocals so check them out on Youtube too.

Where can I listen to them?

Try Spotify or Youtube!

How does the future look?

With a tour next month and an album hopefully on the horizon, ZIBRA are definitely on to something good, watch this space!

Read the full interview Here.

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