Having postponed their headline tour to record some brand new tracks we managed to catch up with ZIBRA.  A three-piece electro-pop band from Tottenham are all about synth in a big way.  Having supported Bring Me The Horizon during BRITs Week at London’s Electric Brixton, ZIBRA are currently making a splash in multiple music scenes!  Be sure to catch them at one of the many festivals they are playing this summer!

Firstly, how did you come up Zibra?

It started with me making demos in my bedroom and then I met russ through a friend who checked out my music, and got ben in a bit later cus we needed a bassist. The name came from a guy we used to jam with who said what about zybrah or something which sounded a bit world of war craft account but the kind of sound sort of stuck. Sounds like an American saying zebra in a way which is sorta funny to us isn’t it.

Is there any meaning for naming your EPs EP1000, EP2000 etc?

Kinda. Just the whole message surrounding such a fast moving world of technology. It makes things obsolete very quickly. I liked Japanese electronic names they are always stupid like pz3430 I mean silly right? But next year the pz3430X comes out or something rendering the old one useless and just scrap heap fodder you know?

Have you always been into electric music? What inspired you to create such fresh music?

Most of the time yes. Initially overtaken by guitars nirvana and blur time in the back of my dads car. Even a Metallica phase… But discovering the electronic world half way through made me come in with a slightly different mentality I think.

When can we expect a debut album from you?

Yeah definitely! If not then there has to be something up. It’s all pretty much there.

Are you planning to continue your own headline tour anytime soon?

Yes as soon as we possibly can. It’s proper annoying but there are forces. God damn forces.

What’s been your favourite song to play live so far?

Sunscreen. Dunno why. Just the most shouty and all out. Tend to like the quicker ones, get more jiggy with it.

How does it feel to be getting massive support from bigger bands such as Sunset Sons?

Great! Meeting people is good to. After about the 3 day mark of a tour you start becoming proper friendly, tour is like tinder but for band friends.

Are you excited to be playing festivals this year such as Kendal Calling and Secret garden party?

Yes all of it gunna be great. Can’t wait to get out in the sun and play some songs basically.

What’s your favourite aspect of the festival season?

Can’t think of a bad point? Except the fact it’s too hot to wear jackets! I like wearing jackets. So favourite is probably just the fact you can just rock up to anyone’s tent and say hey.

Do you have any quirky pre-show rituals?

In the van I have to basically scream. I’m too lazy to warm up so I kinda just shout in the van into my coat until it sounds right, pretty annoying for everyone else. Our drummer has to cry and ben has to recite the Indiana Jones theme tune. So nothing uncommon right?

Who’s given you the best advice in the industry, and what did they say to you?

Someone said go with your gut, you have to call the shots about a creative choice. What’s the point in doing it if it ain’t you.

Where would you most like to play in the future? Why?

I really really really really really really really want to set up a night in a pub down my road called the palm tree. Just jam out, take some synths and invite everyone.

What music are you guys are listening to the most at the moment?

Just running through trying to find new stuff along with some sleigh bells and Oscar. Listened to some Metallica ride the lightning yesterday too. Was a blast.

Can you remember who the first band you ever saw live was?

The not Katie’s well technically they headlined and I think the first group on was called aaah can’t remember.

What do you guys like to do in your free time when you’re not touring or recording?

Just making things. Love just making stuff. Synths or sculptures. Whatever. Just find a load of stuff people have chucked out and make stuff out of it all.

And lastly, what’s your favourite track from 2016 so far?

Oscar sometimes is sick. Nice video too!

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