Ten question interview: ZIBRA

New interview with Hype Player.

We spoke London-based synth hit-makers ZIBRA about having their music featured on FIFA 16, their festival plans this summer and their massive synth collection.

For anybody that isn’t aware of ZIBRA, sum up your sound.

Synth nasties all over the band in your garage.

A lot of people we show your music to feel like they know it, but they’re not too sure how they know it. Do you find that too?

Yeah, i mean we get quite a bit of play on like TV and stuff. People are always like, “WHAT, YOU’RE ON TRISHA?” or something, its pretty surreal. I mean for all I know they could be lying because the only times I hear us on a TV is when i go to my parents and it turns up during Hollyoaks. Still, it’s pretty nuts!

You’re keeping good company with Beck, Disclosure and Foals with your song Goodbye Mondays appearing on this year’s FIFA. How did that come about?

Pure luck i guess, we got put forward for it and they chose us. Absolutely amazing opportunity, so many people come up singing Goodbye Mondays to me, its like one of the load up songs or something, right? I’m in awe with how many people have probably heard Goodbye Mondays, and we didn’t even release it!

Whilst on the subject of football. You’ve got to settle a £5.00 bet with me and my colleague. I say that ZIBRA has to be a play on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, my colleague says I’m reading too much into it. Who’s right?

I wish you were right, that sounds like a much better reason than the actual reason! Basically, it was our old drummer who was just like, “What about ZEBRA?” but we thought it would be funnier to name it how Americans say it, so there we go. ZIBRA!

You’ve just announced you’ll be at performing Kendal Calling this year, it’s looking like one of the best line-ups this year. Have you got any other big shows coming up in summer?

Yeah, yeah. We have a fair few in the pipeline! A lot of sunny and muddy festivals, so keep your eyes peely peeled.

I followed your Dream Festival playlist on Spotify, and before I even clicked on it I knew Kraftwerk would be on there. Partly because I’ve listened to your music, and partly because I’ve seen your synth collection. How many have you got?

Yeah, got a lot of synths! Its just an easy thing to buy late at night. You’re on eBay, you find a broken one or somebody has listed it wrong, like “electronic keyboard” so no one finds it and you’ve got a bargain on your hands. Sam repairs synths for people so we end up with a lot of these things. When i have to move around it ain’t too easy because these things are bulky and heavy, especially KOSMO. KOSMO is my home made modular synth i have been working on for three years, he is getting massive, with an aim for it to be a crazy self thinking conscious being, whether it will get that far is another thing entirely.

Best synth riff ever?

Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation definitely. i know that’s cheap, but I’m always singing that everywhere I go. A lot of the Yellow Magic Orchestra riffs are up there on the ‘too good spectrum’.

Sweet. You’ve released three EPs, EP1000, EP2000 and EP3000. What are we going to be seeing next, EP4000 or your debut album?

Its the album next! We’ve been working on it. Its coming soon, going to be a bit of a step up both in songs and all the good sounds.

We’re running a competition at the moment to find the UK’s best venue. Any suggestions?

There are a lot of amazing venues, i mean the question is cap size! When they get bigger and the crowd are bigger it obviously gets more ‘woah’ but a lot of the smaller ones are awesome. King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow is sick, always look forward to playing there and The Met Lounge in Peterborough has been my other home since I was 13, so that needs a bit of a shout out.

And lastly, give us one track by you guys and one track not by you guys to listen to.

Have a listen to our tune Flats In Dagenham, its about a dream of finally getting a place of your own and being crushed by estate agents when they realise you’re going to be a rowdy occupant. A song not by us has to be Centrefold by TIGERCUB, that song is really really really really sweet.

Read the original review  Here.

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