Zibra e as paisagens electro-rock


If there was a doubt, ZIBRA have made the favour of delete all. The 80s are definitely back … again! While the psychedelic wave passes – or is passing – another wave take her place. The 80´s revival goes around and doesn´t seem to truce. The cycles overlap and history seems to repeat itself, to the dismay of some and the delight of others. The new wave, the mix of synths and keyboards, the dance floor who insist on materializing it with just one play, following week after week and painting colourful the euphoria between the last 2 years.

We already knew ZIBRA, and their electro-pop music is known for us like Depeche Mode-meets-Klaxons. And now there is a new video. Originally released in 2015 as part of the EP2000 alignment, “Eclipse” is made with visual effects from the 80’s and Chinese figurines. More indie than the previous “Heartache” and less retro, “Eclipse” is well marked in the sound coherence of a decade that has brought us daily food for the soul. With debut album in preparation, for us they would already be on the way to any music festival.

Read original review from Tracker-magazine Here. (Translated from the portuguese)

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