ZIBRA – Eclipse


1 . Who is this smooth looking crew? 

Zibra are an indie pop band from Tottenham, London. Eclipse (July’15) off the short player E.P. 2000 (2015).  See what they did there? Clever. The official YouTube video for Eclipse was released March’16.

2 . What kind of tune are Zibra touting?

Eclipse has all the big electronic power of 80’s pop with more bounce than a porn stars tits.

3 . Who do Zibra sound like?

Tears For Fears. Interview Magazine is feeling BORNS and Year & Years. The Liverpool Echo made comparisons to Duran Duran.

4 . What have the cut and paste merchants got to say?

Another snapshot of the band’s signature stadium-sized chorus chants, clattering guitars and punchy, anthemic riffs” –The Beat Manifesto.

Zibra Live5 . Which bands influenced Zibra?

The bands that put the polish on Zibra’s boots are Oasis, Ocean Color Scene, Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire and The Human League. There is talk of some love for Slaves, Caribou and Sleigh Bells and of punk influnces.

6 . Why should I give Eclipse a whip past the ears?

“Eclipse” is a massive electronic pop song that rolls heavy and slow but is an avalanche of sound that annihilates everything before it.

7 . Do Zibra have any more big swingers?

The best Zibra songs are “Wasted Days” and “Paris”. Brilliant both.

8 . Any more words?

Zibra have been out on the road supporting bands like Rat Boy, Coasts, Years & Years and Sunset Sons.

Zibra have mad love for Doc Marten boots.

Zibra’s favorite song is The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me Baby.


Read the original review Here from The best indie songs.

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