“Wasted Days” review by Staffsunion.com

Zibra’s new song “Wasted Days”, is a super catchy single that will linger in your head for a great deal of time.

Unlike previous hits such as “Paris” and “Great White Shark”, the song is more upbeat and features added electronic sounds, rather than their standard electric guitars.

This goes a long way to shifting the song away from their generic indie roots, but it still holds a rhythm that personally reminds us of The 1975.

Zibra use synthesizers that they have make from scratch! This massively helps create more of a retro vibe for their single.

The use of these electronic sounds in “Wasted Days” make the song sound fun and carefree, which subsequently cheers you up and delivers the fun element that they were trying hard to get across.

The music video, set in a North London bowling alley, is possibly a little too random in style. Featuring a woman lip-syncing to the song, it almost comes across as a tiny bit creepy… that said the video is definitely still worth watching.

Unfortunately, Zibra are not on tour at the moment, but they should be playing some venues after Christmas, so look out for new tour dates on their Facebook page.

Check out the video below:

Read the original review Here from Staff Union.

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