Don Broco – Automatic (ZIBRA remix)

Bedford-based rockers Don Broco have handed Zibra the stems from their summer hit ‘Automatic’ for a new remix. The remix replaces the original track’s driving guitar lines with pulsing synths splicing lead singer Rob Damiani’s vocals over the top. Originally released back in July, ‘Automatic’ is from Broco’s second album of the same name, Automatic, and while the track is far removed from its original, it’s grand post-hardcore vibe remains intact thanks to the drum-heavy remix from Zibra.

Zibra are well accustomed to fusing electronic and live instrumentation- the London based group are known for working with old analogue equipment to produce hook-laden, indie-tinged tracks. While their remix of ‘Automatic’ has a darker tinge than much of their original music, it injects elements of Zibra’s signature sound into the track without overshadowing the original.

Don Broco are on tour throughout December, tickets available now.

Find Don Broco on Facebook and Twitter.

Find Zibra on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to read the full article from Notion Magazine, click Here.

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