Shout out a ZIBRA de la web This Feeling


It’s the idiosyncrasies at the heart of Zibra, such as their impulse to repurpose archaic technology as fresh means for art, as seen in their VHS-recorded music videos, that stand to set the band apart from its peers. They take something old and make it new, build rather than borrow, and are having too much fun to ever be blue. And they’re certainly not out of step with the here and now, either – as evidenced by their material finding a home on coverage of both Formula 1 and The Champions League, and the band receiving a personal invitation to play at one of Donatella Versace’s private parties.

Taking things further still, Battle’s built interactive Zibra stage lighting, which responds to Tweets from the crowd before it. Zibra have just finished a BBC Introducing Stage Headline set on the Sunday of Glastonbury which went down a storm and are about to embark on a UK Tour with Rat Boy.

Pop music in 2015 is many things to many people, but so long as we’re all dancing, who really cares about the differences between us? Zibra is unifying energy brought to life as vivid music. It’s alive, and life’s not long enough to linger in the shallows. So charge the depths and see where the melodies take you.

Read the original review Here from This feeling.

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