Rat Boy, Zibra, FLESH @ Studio 2, Liverpool

Small review from ZIBRA’s gig supporting Rat Boy in Liverpool.

Zibra’s shameless 80s posturing, channelling Planet Earth era LeBon clashed heavily with the urban 21st century realism that was to follow. The bequiffed and stripy t-shirted vocalist Sam Battle has all the moves to entice the teens and croons “You can be my heartache baby” with passion, but the sound is hollow, and synths n’ samples sound like they belong to those bands who sat on the peripheries of the charts when The Thompson Twins andSpandau Ballet were at the heart of the party. Liberal droppings of the F-Bomb for gritty effect couldn’t hide the fact that Zibra have an identity crisis right now. If bands like Big Pink can get away with this kind of retro bombast then maybe Zibra have a chance but they were a strange choice for support for the much earthier suburban indie of Rat Boy. Fellow Bootle alumni boys, photographer John and ourselves agreed that the Zibra sound and the clientele re-created the vibe of a Hugh Baird College do from about 25 years ago. Zibra didn’t earn their stripes for us tonight.

You can read the original review Here.

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