[New Song Of The Week] Zibra – Paris

Earlier this year Sam, Russell and Ben left their refurbished elderly homes in London’s Tottenham area, presumably for a holiday in the capitol of France. We think that after they paid the trip from the band’s bank account there wasn’t much money left to film a video on location for the song, but they solved it nicely.

Calling themselves a glitch indie band, but reminding a little of The Rapture and Nile Rodgers, they managed to be distrinctive from the current musical landscape. Fun fact: Donnatella Versace is already a fan.

First tracks Heartache and Chlorine started some conversations in the UK, leading them to play several festivals, including Glastonbury. Previous killer single Great White Shark has been on repeat on our playlists for a while now, and Paris, from their freshly released EP3000, has a similar vibe.

For some extra glitch they sat down in the studio with Simon Katz, who earlier worked with Youngblood Hawke & Digitalism. BBC Introducing compared them to Depeche Mode, which is a fair comparison and a huge compliment at the same time. “Expect them to rule the British underground for a while, then do what all Depeche Mode-like bands do – become massive in Germany.” they said. Well, let’s hope they don’t forget to tour the rest of the world in the mean time.


Read the original review Here.

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