5 things you didn’t know about ‘ZIBRA’


Imagine LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy scoring the slick 2011 film Drive and you’ll have nailed the sound of London-based trio Zibra’s newest single ‘Great White Shark’.

The jawbone-rattling track fuses catchy vocal hooks with a more sinister electronic foundation and has been lifted from the group’s new EP EP2000. The Zibra lot will become a more familiar name after a busy festival spell but until then here are 5 interesting facts/dark secrets to break the ice a little.

  1. Vocalist Sam lives in a derelict old people’s home.
  2. They build their own synths. Some from bits found out and about that they use to write and record songs.
  3. Two of the boys are scared of dogs, which is why they chose to shoot their new video with dogs; nothing like an irrational fear to shake things up.
  4. They cook brownies for all their headline shows for people. None of them are cooks but they are getting better.
  5. They practice in a haunted pub populated by the ghosts of Morris dancers.

Stream ‘Great White Shark’ here:

See the original review Here.

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