ZIBRA – ” Heartache ” and ” Chlorine “

ZIBRA with their debut EP 1000 is available now , Their break out track “Heartache” is a moody ‘80s synth-rock track full of pulsating beats and lots of bass that makes me imagine this is what it would sound like if Nine Inch Nails teamed up with The Bravery. It’s a super catchy single with a chorus that instantly sticks in your head, leaving you singing “you could be my heartache baby” for the rest of the day. The video showcases the band’s love for making their own VHS-looking music videos, which is reflected in them having their own production team called Youth Hymns. The infectious slice of electro pop is the product of two men living and working out of Broadwater Estate in Tottenham, North London. Recently formed but already in possession of enough songs to constitute a year’s worth of work.

Their latest single “Chlorine” also features another self styled DIY video, but this time they guys have a underwater “tropical” thing going on that I totally love. The track itself is bouncier than “Heartache,” as it features an uplifting drumbeat, shiny guitars, vocals and pounding drums slowly build up until breaking into a whirlwind of sparkling guitar and energy. If you liked what you heard, then head on over to the band’s Facebook page and show them some love and support!

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