“Chlorine” video is out


Electro-rock experimentals Zibra have unveiled their new visuals for latest single “Chlorine”, and you can watch them now, exclusively on Best Fit.

The track’s a non-stop barrage of gigantic festival singalong moments, poppy hooks, dancefloor beats and unadulterated gumption. The London-based foursome merge the worlds of rock, punk, dance and pop into a heady fusion that sounds like it’s spent a good portion of the evening powdering its nose.

Directed by Youth Hymns, the video’s largely a technicolour mirror to their noise; it plays on the VHS aesthetic they’ve used in previous outings. Like the “Yellow Teeth” video from Is Tropical, it’s stuffed with lots of fauxliage, fruity treats and distorted FX. At times it seems like they’ve been locked in the Aztec zone from Crystal Maze, but some kind soul has at least left them a few cocktails.

Discussing the video, the band told Best Fit:

“We were inspired by the live TV performances you see on Top of the Pops 2, or when a band plays on The Young Ones. We didn’t have access to a real swimming pool, so we had to make do with some smart camera angles and a fishtank.”

Watch the “Chlorine” clip below.

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