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ZIBRA love obsolete equipment and building synthesisers from scratch.

ZIBRA are the sound of a VHS tape chewed up in an electrical system. They make their own music videos or rally in their friends at the camcorder-obsessed production team Youth Hymns.

Lead singer Sam Battle lives in a squat in Tottenham on the Broadwater Estate in London, which used to be a retirement home for the elderly.

Heartache is the first taster from London-based band ZIBRA. With pulsating disco riff, catapulting chorus, and pounding drums, it’s a track alive with it’s own static heartbeat.

Londoners ZIBRA turned their love for taking electrical objects apart to re-arrange and put them back together again, into honing their unique sound and making their own synths. VHS is ZIBRA’s go-to format for their music videos. “It’s easy to use de-funked equipment that looks better, and gives an effect that can’t be re created with modern technology. It’s also cheaper and easier to source”- says Sam. Citing musical renegades such as Blur, Depeche Mode and Elvis Costello as references, the band are currently in the studio working on new music with Simon Katz (Youngblood Hawke, Digitalism, Chiddy Bang) and Mark Ralph (Clean Bandit, Years & Years).

Live shows to be announced

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