ZIBRA release cover of DJ Tomcraft’s “Loneliness”

With adrenaline still coursing through their veins after the release of their debut track “Heartache”, London newcomers ZIBRA have released their own rendition of DJ Tomcraft’s 2002 hit “Loneliness”.

Staying true to type with their production values, the band have once again delivered a DIY visual feast to accompany “Loneliness”. Created by lead singer Sam Battle using a camera strapped to a remote control car, not to mention intriguing editing techniques, the video for “Loneliness” is as striking as the cover itself.

The DIY ethic runs stronger than with any other group that we’ve covered this year, ZIBRA taking it to an entirely new level. Their love for dismantling electronics and putting them back together has led to their unique sound and the band making their own synths. The ever-present use of VHS as the go-to format for their music videos is motivated by means other than kitsch.

“It’s easy to use de-funked equipment that looks better,” explains Sam, “and gives an effect that can’t be re created with modern technology. It’s also cheaper and easier to source”

The release of “Loneliness” will keep fans appetites sated for the meantime as ZIBRA head into the studio to work on their next release. In the meantime the band have announced three shows in the New Year.

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