Zibra on the 19/8/2013 mixtape by Fresh on the net

This mad glitchy chiptune electropop epic comes from Sam Battle and Cal South who are based on the famous Broadwater Estate in Tottenham, North London. As Al Mobbs wrote when reviewing this as part of our Fresh Faves a couple of weeks ago: “If this band doesn’t take off like the little elasticband-wound toy helicopter my son and I were playing with this morning, I’ll eat my … well it. Energy, melody, great production, remix potential, SONG… all of the above. As a note to all new artists out there, there is only one track on Soundcloud for Zibra. This is annoying because I want to hear more but great because I want to hear more. I am sure there is more but why give it up yet especially when the track up there is great.” Rest In Peace has been on their Soundcloud for just 17 days and has already racked up some 460 plays. Not bad for a brand new and supposedly unknown band. Watch out, Klaxons – Zibra are after your crown.

Original review

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